Fundraising Communications And Creativity


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Fundraising Communications Masterclass • 1 Oct 2019

Fundraising Communications And Creativity


Why is fundraising communications and creative different from other types of communications?

This masterclass is a perfect opportunity to learn the key insights to successful fundraising communications and creative. You will learn from case studies with organisations that have created incredible campaigns and obtained sustainable fundraising growth.The content of the Fundraising Communications Masterclass is formed by a unique mix of academic research and case studies, with particular reference to the Great Fundraising Research, which is available at Former delegates applied their learnings and increased the income of their organisation dramatically, some by several hundred percent.

Key learning outcomes:
  • Differences between traditional communications and fundraising communications
  • Great fundraising communications.
  • How to work with emotions, be creative and to find the courage to use and stay in the emotional space.
  • Storytelling and the truth well told.
  • How to find the stories, no matter the cause.
  • Details of communications that drive response.


This seminar is for fundraisers, communications and creative agencies, chief executives, executive team members, directors, trustees and heads of fundraising. Anyone interested in becoming brilliant at fundraising communications and creative are very welcome too.


Adrian Sargeant
ACA Philanthropy and Fundraising
Adrian Lorentsson
Creative Consultant
ACA Philanthropy and Fundraising



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