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Global education and social media workshops in Poland

2011. augusztus 17.

A szervezők Magyarországról is várnak jelentkezőket az aug. 25-31. között Wroclawban tartandó műhelymunkára.

The project HOT SPOT got financing from Polish NA of Youth in Action Programme. The project's leader is Social Innovative Enterprises Foundation, in partnership with Angelus Silesius House and Association of Independent Initiatives MIKUSZEWO.
It is going to be held 25-31 August 2011 in Wroclaw, Poland, in Hostel Silesius.

The training course HOT SPOT will provide 20 youth workers and leaders from 8 NGOs from Turkey, Italy, Spain, Latvia, Hungary and Poland in tools that will allow them to activate youth as citizens journalists and activists of community media in promoting social cohesion, global consciousness and intercultural sensitivity. Most actual concepts of globalization and development and their links to Human Rights will be summarized and discussed. The development of community media, the core of citizens journalism, the use of social campaigns will be presented to participants, who will be given a chance to experiment with new media as a tool of youth work and activism. Various approaches to global education will be presented:

  • active methods of nonformal education deepened by theoretical background given
  • ethic of global education (trainers self-reflection on personal responsibility, codex of images and messages concerning countries of global South).

Role of global education(why it shall be promoted, different aspects of educational work with youth, meaning of personal commitment and social movements) will be reflected. Partcipants will improve the use of new media as a tool of peereducation and will implement new skills and knowledge in a youth work.

We are looking for 2 participants for following workshop (participants only pay 30% of travel costs - everything else is covered by Polish organizers).

Contact: klubiniecki@gmail.com

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