Ezt a cikket több mint egy éve publikáltuk. Mindent megteszünk, hogy naprakész információt szolgáltassunk oldalunkon, de előfordulhatnak elavult információk korábbi bejegyzéseinkben.

OSIFE’s open call titled “Working Together to Improve Governance and Anticorruption” has been revised and re-published on OSF’s website: https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/grants/working-together-to-improve-governance-and-anticorruption The updated version responds to the Coronavirus crisis and takes stock of direct feedback from civil society organizations in the target countries.

The call is now open for applications for civil society-driven initiatives in Central and Eastern Europe for two tracks. Track 1) increase transparency, accountability, and public participation processes to strengthen public institutions with a collaborative approach; Track 2) address and mitigate the corruption risks related to Covid 19 crisis. This second track is new, and for the first one a statement of support from a public institution is no longer a requirement (as before) but encouraged. The project periods have been changed to 8-15 months, the maximum requested amounts to 40,000 USD, with the possibility of including flexible “overhead” funding for up to 20% of the total amount, in addition to personnel costs. The updated website includes the call’s full description, proposal templates, information on the application process via OSF’s grantee portal and registration details for a webinar for interested organizations on 20 May. The deadline has been extended until June 30, 2020. (Midnight, CET time).

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