The objective of this call for proposals is to protect, promote and raise awareness of fundamental rights and of EU values by supporting local, regional and/or national civil society organisations and by increasing their capacity.

The aim is to select and support a limited number of intermediaries in EU Member States capable of building the capacities of a large number of CSOs active at local, regional and/or national level in the fields covered by the CERV programme, including through providing them with financial support.

Proposals must include both categories of activities:

  • Financial support to third parties (CSOs) by intermediaries
  • Capacity building for CSOs (by intermediaries)

​Intermediaries should give priority to small, remote and rural based organisations which tend to have more limited capacity and funding sources.

Only activities complying with and promoting the principles of the rule of law, fundamental rights and democracy may be funded.

Please see the Call document for more information.

Deadline date 07 March 2024 17:00:00 Brussels time