Interreg Danube Region Programme has officially launched its Second Call for Proposals with a budget of EUR 38,7 million Interreg funds. The call is open until 29th March 2024, 14:00 CET, providing opportunities to engage in transnational cooperation projects aimed at fostering regional development by addressing shared regional challenges.

The Second Call is open to public authorities, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, research organizations, and other relevant stakeholders from the Danube region. The projects must focus on one of the following programme specific objectives (SO):

Priority 2 – A greener, low carbon Danube Region

  • SO2.2: Promoting climate change adaptation capacities in the Danube Region and disaster management on transnational level in relation to environmental risks, taking into account ecosystem-based approaches
  • SO2.3: Sustainable, integrated, transnational water and sediment management in the Danube River Basin ensuring good quality and quantity of waters and sediment balance
  • SO2.4: Protecting and preserving the biodiversity in ecological corridors and eco-regions of transnational relevance in the Danube Region

Priority 3 – A more social Danube Region

  • SO3.1: Accessible, inclusive and effective labour markets
  • SO3.2: Accessible and inclusive quality services in education, training and lifelong learning
  • SO3.3: Enhancing the role of culture and sustainable tourism in economic development, social inclusion and social innovation

Priority 4 – A better cooperation governance in Danube Region

  • SO4.2: Increased institutional capacities for territorial and macro-regional governance

Find out more

See the Second Call page for all the information on the Call, resources, documents and link to application system. We have also planned a series of lead applicant webinars to help you prepare and submit your proposal. The registration to webinars is available on the same page.