Ezt a cikket több mint egy éve publikáltuk. Mindent megteszünk, hogy naprakész információt szolgáltassunk oldalunkon, de előfordulhatnak elavult információk korábbi bejegyzéseinkben.

You can find the online questionnaire here: https://fra.europa.eu/surveys/index.php/353926?lang=en

(please, kindly fill the online version – the attached pdf is just for your information and preparation)

The results of this consultation will be published and shared widely with civil society, policy makers, stakeholders and the media in order to promote actions that can improve the conditions for civil society organisations across the EU, and build on FRA’s latest report on “Protecting civic space in the EU” of September 2021.

The survey will be open until Thursday 13 January 2022. It should take you approximately 20-30 minutes to complete it. Please complete the survey only once for your organisation. All responses are fully anonymised and untraceable.

The questions refer to your organisation’s experience in the following fields:

  • General situation of civil society
  • Threats and attacks
  • Access to finance and resources
  • Enabling regulatory environment and law
  • Role of civil society as part of checks and balances
  • Access to the decision-making process and participation

The questionnaire also asks a few background questions about your organisation, such as your main working areas and the geographical scope of your work.


Feel free to contact us <frp@fra.europa.eu> in case you have any questions.