Deadline for application: 31 July 2022

While certain broader migration discourses are pan-European, their building blocks are often national narrativesHow migrants and refugees are framed and perceived is contextualised by national, regional and local milieus and their resulting stories. These contexts are equally influenced by the existence, size and make-up of migrant communities and demographic diversity as well as their migration and colonial histories, their economies, levels of urbanisation and the governing structures and political establishment in place.

It is with these thoughts in mind, that this Call for Proposals is framed: to address and shift local and national perceptions on migrants. Through the catalysation of contextualised national coalitions of actors, EPIM seeks to leverage the current mass European support for displaced people, to address national narratives on migrants and refugees by nuancing, challenging and transforming perceptions.

If perceptions of all migrants and refugees can become less polarising, no matter their skin colour, origin, religion or status – if being a migrant or having a migrant background can ultimately be perceived as “normal”, then Europe may be able to live up to its values, again, and everyone living in European nations can benefit from living in more inclusive societies.

Eligible civil society organisations are invited to submit a one-page concept note for a maximum budget of 190,000 EUR and a minimum duration of 10 months, before July 31st 23:59 (CEST).


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